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Uitgelicht Lente 2017 Berijders EN

New: private leasing!

Vehicle owners don’t know the luxury of leasing. They are entirely responsible for their own vehicle, from purchase and servicing to sale. That takes a lot of time and energy.

Leasing is... carefree driving

Do you also wish carefree driving for the people around you? Then it’s good to know that Arval recently started offering Private Lease. So everyone can experience the advantages of leasing. Always a new vehicle at a fixed monthly cost. No taxable amount – that’s only relevant for business leasing.

Leasing is... knowing your costs

People often think that a private lease contract is expensive. Yet it costs less than you think, if you consider that literally all costs are included in the rate:

  • depreciation (loss of the vehicle’s value) and interest
  • repairs, servicing and tyres
  • road tax
  • all-risk insurance and Personal Accident insurance
  • relief vehicle
  • roadside assistance throughout Europe
  • collection and delivery service.

Do your family members and friends consider all these costs when they compare purchasing with leasing? To give them a complete picture, you can refer them to the calculator tool from Arval. This tool calculates exactly what the monthly costs are for their own vehicle and for the same vehicle as a private lease.

Leasing with Arval is... standard leasing with the best conditions!

Do your friends compare the prices of various parties who offer private lease? Point out the conditions to them: Arval’s standard conditions are better than average. For example, no down payment is required. The monthly vehicle rental always includes all-risk insurance, Personal Accident insurance for drivers and passengers, and a low insurance excess of EUR 225,00. And roadside assistance is standard within Europe. What’s more, our monthly vehicle rental is not dependent upon the number of damage-free years. Rather, the same insurance premium applies to everyone. The best conditions, standard.

Private Lease Quality Mark

Of course, you want only the best for your family members and friends. So it’s good to know that Arval has received the Private Lease Quality Mark. This means that it is safe, responsible and reliable to lease with Arval. But you knew that already.

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Something special happened at our office on Valentine’s Day. A large box was delivered for our colleague Gosse. Did Gosse have a secret admirer? Strange, because he just hates Valentine’s Day. The tension rose while Gosse opened the box with shaking hands. A large helium balloon appeared with the text: ‘Thank you!, Angela’. Gosse took a deep breath and started to laugh loudly: “he shouldn’t have!”

What happened?

Two days prior, Angela from Rotterdam placed a panicked call to Gosse. Her vehicle had been broken into and glass was everywhere. What was she supposed to do? The timing couldn’t have been worse: she had to drive to Nijmegen, where her partner Jeroen was waiting for an important test result in the hospital. Then they would go on holiday together by airplane. That seemed impossible now.

But then she didn’t yet know our damage specialist Gosse. Within 15 minutes a relief vehicle was in front of her house so that she could get to Nijmegen on time. But later that day, Gosse received another telephone call: the hospital visit lasted much longer than expected. If they still had to return the relief vehicle, they would miss their plane. “Just drive on to Schiphol and leave the vehicle there”, Gosse said. “I’ll arrange it with Möller Autoschade”. Thankfully, they were on time for their flight. And the vehicle? It was collected the next day at Schiphol. And her own vehicle stood waiting, in top condition, in front of her house after the holiday.

A Valentine’s Day not to be forgotten

Gosse always likes to do that bit extra. He likes to help and it was just a normal day’s work after all. But everyone likes a token of appreciation, especially such a nice gesture. In any case, this Valentine’s Day won’t be soon forgotten by Angela, Jeroen and Gosse.

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Hopefully you won’t have to experience damage to your lease vehicle often. But accidents happen. Even if only the bodywork is damaged, it is always a lot of hassle. That you must temporarily do without your vehicle while it’s being repaired is bad enough. That’s why we do everything we can to make the damage repair process as pleasant as possible for you.

What to do if you have damage?

It is best to call us directly. You can do so at any time of day or night: our colleagues are ready to assist you, 24 hours per day. They will personally guide you throughout the entire damage repair process. And because we think that this process should be as comfortable as possible for you, we only work with the best damage repair partners: Schadenet and ASN.

Always a damage repairer near you

For damage repair, you can almost always be helped in or near your place of residence. Schadenet and ASN are located everywhere and more locations are still being added. Last year our countrywide network of damage partners grew by twenty locations.

This is what you can expect of our damage partners

  • customer-friendly and customer-focused approach: the repairer always thinks with you
  • free collection and delivery service
  • short turnaround times: the vehicle is quickly ready for you again in perfect condition
  • professional repair: guarantee for the entire lease contract.

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Do you drive a diesel vehicle from Volkswagen, Audi, Mercedes, Citroën or Peugeot? Then there is a big chance that your vehicle has a tank with the cleaning fluid AdBlue.

What is AdBlue?

AdBlue is a solution of urea in deionised water which ensures that your diesel motor is less polluting. This mixture enables a great amount of the harmful substances to be converted into harmless nitrogen and water vapour.

Oil, cooling liquid, screen washer… and AdBlue!

There is a separate tank for AdBlue and the fluid must be regularly replenished. If it is empty, you will receive an alert and your motor might not start anymore.

We advise you to have AdBlue replenished by an Arval Service Partner, but you can also do it yourself. Usually you can purchase the fluid at a filling station with your fuel card, but that depends on the agreements you have made with your employer. You can also collect AdBlue at an Arval Service Partner.

Be careful

Do be careful if you replenish AdBlue yourself. While the fluid is not harmful for the environment, you don’t want to spill it. A small spot can be easily cleaned with water, but AdBlue:

  • is very corrosive and can cause rust
  • can cause a short circuit, because the wiring is not resistant to it
  • crystallises when it dries and can damage your vehicle
  • smells quite bad.

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In 2016, the police and the judiciary wrote a record number of almost 9.5 million traffic fines. This was good for more than 700 million Euro in fines, because a fine costs on average 75 Euro.

Chance of a fine

Have you also had to pay a fine this past year? On average, Arval received 1.7 fines per contract. It seemed that the number of kilometres made a difference. For the group of drivers who drive less than 50.000 kilometres per year, we received an average of 1.6 fines per contract. The group which drove between 50,000 and 125,000 kilometres per year had an average of almost 2.2 fines per contract.

You can see your fines in ‘My Arval’

You receive traffic violation fines via ‘My Arval’. You can’t claim the expenses for fines. If your vehicle has been impounded, for example after a speed control, these expenses are for your own account. If you disagree with a fine, you can lodge an objection to it. Click ‘My Arval’ or Arval Mobile+ and check the frequently asked questions for what you can do in this situation.

Be alert for speed checks

Speeding violations are far and away number one. They account for 85% of all traffic violation fines, which comes to approximately 8 million fines. Many speeding violations are determined during route controls. They are good for 28% of the total number, more than 2.2 million fines. Does your journey cover a route with speed checks? Set your vehicle on cruise control as soon as possible to prevent an unpleasant surprise.

Below you see the top 5 route controls that determined the most speeding violations in 2016:

  1. A2 Amsterdam – Utrecht (both directions)

  2. A4 near Leidschendam (both directions)

  3. A12 near Utrecht

  4. A4 Hoofddorp – Nieuw-Vennep

  5. A10 near Amsterdam ring west (both directions)

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Each year 750 vehicles in the Netherlands land in the water. Annually approximately 60 people die in such an event. Imagine that, when you are reverse parking, you accidentally slip off the quay and fall in the canal? Or that you drive off the road in the canal after an accident? Do you know what you must do to escape your sinking vehicle? Read about it below.

Put the lights on

As soon as you enter the water, you must immediately put your lights on. Why? Because the lights help you to better orient yourself and the vehicle is more easily visible to emergency services. Also, always leave your keys in the ignition.

Grab the safety hammer

Have you ever wondered what you should do with the safety hammer? To start with, make sure the hammer is always within reach so you don’t have to look for it when you need it. The hammer can make the difference between life and death.

Release your seat belt

Unclick the seat belt. Is your vehicle upside down in the water? Then you can’t release the seat belt because you are ‘hanging’ on the seat belt. Push your feet against the dashboard and press yourself against the seat. Push with one hand against the roof and use your other hand to release the seat belt. Use the safety hammer if you can’t get the seat belt unfastened. You can use the knife in the handle of the hammer to cut the seat belt.

Open the side window, or break it

First see if you can open the window. If this doesn’t work, don’t hesitate to break the window with the safety hammer or a heavy object.

Don’t panic if you can’t open or break the window

Can’t get the window open? Then take a deep breath of air and wait quietly until the vehicle has sunk almost entirely to the bottom. As soon as the pressure inside and outside the vehicle is the same, you will be able to open the door.

Get out of the vehicle!

Once you are free of your seat belt and the window or door is open, you naturally want to get out of the vehicle as quickly as possible. But note: swim on your back to get out of the vehicle, with your face to the vehicle. Then you can push the vehicle away from you if it tilts. Only when you have some distance is it safe to turn around and swim to the shore.

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It’s springtime again! Time for spring cleaning. A great way to treat your vehicle. And yourself as well.

But how do you do that? If you follow the points below, your vehicle will be looking good again.

  • clean the inside and outside of your vehicle extra thoroughly
  • check the tyre pressure and the level of the cooling liquid, screen washer and oil
  • replenish the fluids as needed
  • check the lighting.

And: reward yourself for your good work and enjoy the spring sun!

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