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Arval Uitgelicht Drivers Autumn 2015

Enjoy the favourable taxable amount

As of next year, the favourable taxable amount rates for fuel-efficient vehicles will largely disappear. Then you will only benefit from a low rate if you are driving a fully electric vehicle. Arval gladly helps you benefit from the current favourable taxable amount rates.

You can still benefit from a low taxable amount

Currently, special rates of 14% and 20% apply to fuel-efficient petrol and diesel vehicles. This will change starting next year: a rate of 21% will apply in 2016 and, from 2017, the standard rate will be 22%. For plug-in hybrids, the tax benefit will also disappear gradually. The coming years, the taxable amount rate of these vehicles will gradually be increased to the standard rate in 2019. Making a smart choice now may save you thousands of euros. The tax rules of the year in which a vehicle was first registered in your name remain in effect as long as you drive that vehicle.

Choose from the special selection of Arval

Arval thinks ahead. Therefore, we have purchased a large number of new vehicles with a 7% or 14% tax addition especially for you. Would you like to know more? Please contact your account manager at 030 602 44 44.

News about vehicle taxes

The tax plans for the coming years are now known. It is clear that driving becomes more expensive. Especially because the benefits for fuel-efficient vehicles and plug-in hybrids will gradually disappear.

Two taxable amount rates

Eventually, there will be two taxable amount rates: 4% for fully electric vehicles and 22% for all other vehicles. The benefit of plug-in hybrids and efficient petrol and diesel vehicles will gradually disappear. The standard rate will eventually also apply to these vehicles.

Also more uniformity in road tax

In 2017, road tax for all passenger cars will decrease by 2%. But the rates for efficient vehicles and plug-in hybrids will increase in the coming years. Fully electric vehicles will remain exempt from road tax in the years ahead. For owners of old diesel vehicles without particle filter, road tax increases; they need to pay a surcharge as of 2019.

Reduction of purchase tax (bpm)

Vehicles are increasingly clean and efficient. Therefore, the purchase tax will be reduced gradually until 2020. There will be tables for regular vehicles and plug-in hybrids: the rate will depend on CO2 emissions. Fully electric vehicles will remain their bpm exemption.

More information

Would you like more information about the exact rates in the coming years or other vehicle taxes?

Read more (only in Dutch)

What does your vehicle say about you?

In the spring of 2015, Arval conducted a survey into the characteristics of 320 drivers and their vehicles. And guess what? Some characteristics of the driver appear to correlate with the type of vehicle. The colour of the vehicle also seems to say something about the personality of the driver.

Station wagon, SUV, sports car or convertible

Do you have a station wagon? Then there is a good chance you read the Parool and consider your reliability your best trait. And although their vehicle is large, SUV drivers generally don't think much of themselves: they don't consider themselves the brightest. Single people often seem to drive sports cars. And people with a convertible have a vivid imagination.

Black, yellow or green

The colour of your vehicle obviously also says something about you. Did you know that people with a black vehicle are more often married and that they generally find themselves smarter than others? And drivers of yellow vehicles are most happy with themselves. They also find themselves the least materialistic. This also goes for people with green vehicles; they too care little for material things.

Read more about the survey (only in Dutch)

Forgot my fuel card... now what?

If you wish to claim fuel costs from us, the steps to take depend on the fuel card you are using. Below, you can read exactly what to do.

Multi Tank Card

Are you using a Multi Tank Card? Then you can submit your claim online. You will need an account for this. Don’t have an account yet? Then you can easily create an account via MTc (only in Dutch). Then, you link your fuel card to your account. Please note: enter your card number without any spaces or hyphens. After activating the account, you can enter a claim.

Shell card

Are you using a Shell card? Request the claim form via ´My Arval´. Fill it out as much as you can and send it to Arval including the original receipt(s). You can also scan them and e-mail them to Arval.

More information

Do you need any help or would you like more information about claiming fuel costs? Please contact the Arval driverteam at telephone number 030 602 41 41, via the live chat on ´My Arval´ or by e-mail driverteam@arval.nl. The Arval driverteam is available Monday to Thursday between 8.00 and 20.00 hours and on Friday from 8.00 to 17.15 hours.

Your vehicle takes itself to the garage

Work on your lease vehicle requires a lot of time and organisation. Of course you would much rather spend your time on your core business. We understand that. Fortunately, lease vehicles are our core business. We gladly take all the servicing work of your vehicle off your hands.

What will you need to do?

At Arval, you only need to inform us by phone or e-mail that your vehicle requires servicing. Simply make an appointment via ´My Arval´ or contact the Arval driverteam at 030 602 41 41.

Wat will Arval do for you?

We contact the Arval preferred dealer or garage, pick up the lease vehicle and return it to you the same day. It will also be fully cleaned, because after each regular service interval, your vehicle is cleaned inside and outside. We monitor the progress of the work and we make sure the quality is satisfactory. Does the work take longer than a day? Then we will arrange for a relief vehicle.

Absolutely free!

This is not an additional service. This service is standard at Arval. In the first place, because we want the best for our clients. But also because we like to take care of our vehicles.

Alert: fake e-mails about fines

Did you receive an e-mail about unpaid fines with a link to pay the fine? Be aware! These e-mails are fake, a form of fraud. Immediately delete these e-mails and never click on the links therein. Examples of such e-mails can be found on the website of the CJIB (only in Dutch). Arval only sends e-mails about fines with a link to the fine itself in ´My Arval´.


A makeover for arval.nl

You may have noticed: we have a new website. You can now find clear answers to all your questions even quicker.

Time for the winter tyres

Don't let bad weather surprise you. Make an appointment with the tyre specialist now to have your tyres changed. Then, you can be sure you are on time. Did you order a new lease vehicle from an Arval preferred dealer with winter tyres? Then you don’t have to do anything. Until March, we deliver the vehicle standard with winter tyres.