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    From 2026, the standard 22% tax addition applies to all leased vehicles, including full electric vehicles. But as the rate applies for 60 months after the vehicle's registration date, you may still benefit from previous lower rates.

    The tax addition for full electric vehicles is rising gradually
    The current tax addition on full electric vehicles is 4%. This will double to 8% next year, reaching the standard rate of 22% by 2026. The low tax addition rate will also be 'capped'. Next year, it only applies to a list price of up to EUR 45.000,00 and afterwards up to EUR 40.000,00. The standard addition rate will apply to prices above that.

    The tax addition is levied per calendar year
    Do you now only drive your vehicle for business and pay no tax addition? Be careful if you want to drive a leased vehicle for private use in the future, such as a vehicle with a lower addition rate. You can only choose whether to pay an addition or not per calendar year. If you switch halfway, you’ll also pay retroactively for your previous vehicle.

    Bicycle leasing: an attractive option
    Bike leasing wasn't an attractive option until now, as business cyclists weren't allowed to use the bike privately. This resulted in lots of admin. But the annual tax addition will soon only be 7%, making leasing more attractive and very sustainable!


    My arval mobile

    Being able to quickly manage all your vehicle-related business with the My Arval Mobile app won't be news to you. But it's not always clear how to use the app. Below you can find out what things you can use the app for, and exactly how to do it.

    Edit your personal details
    If your personal details change (if you moved house or have a new phone number), then edit them quickly and easily in the app. Go to MY PREFERENCES, click on 'Enable edit' to chang your name, address or phone number. Don't forget to inform your employer if important details have changed.

    Add your driving licence and vehicle registration certificate
    If you want to avoid forgetting your driving licence or vehicle registration certificate, upload an image of them to MY VEHICLE DOCUMENTS to keep them at hand 24/7. We've already added your Arval authorisation and green card to MY VEHICLE DOCUMENTS.

    View information about your contract and correct your odometer reading
    The My Arval Mobile app also has important information about your contract. Click on MY VEHICLE to view the due date of the periodic motor vehicle test, the return date and the return manual. 'Contract information' shows the details of the vehicle and the vehicle's contract. If you didn't specify an odometer reading or gave the wrong one, you can correct it here.

    WhatsApp us
    You can chat to us live through the My Arval Mobile app. Click on the headset icon and WhatsApp our driver team.

    Find local service partners
    If you're looking for a local dealer, damage repairer, or tyre or windscreen specialist, MY AREA shows the nearest service partner. You can also contact the relevant service partner directly via the app.

    We hope we've already answered some of your questions here, but you may have other questions about the My Arval Mobile app. Fortunately, the app itself also includes some FAQs: frequently asked questions. Chances are that your question is there and already answered.


    Electric driving makes sense to many people, mainly because they know it's eco-friendlier. But we've seen how practical considerations can stop people from driving electric. People's major worry is that electric vehicles limit what you can do.

    One battery charge will get you far, and there's always a charging point nearby
    We're happy to take away your worries. Depending on the electric vehicle, you can drive long distances within the Netherlands on one battery charge. And if your battery runs out, there's most likely a charging point nearby.

    Roadside charging is faster than you think
    timeYou might think that charging takes a lot of time, but that's not always true. Ordinary charging stations take hours to charge the battery, but there are more and more roadside fast-chargers nowadays. Most electric vehicles are fully charged within thirty minutes. They're also parked for many hours at the office and at home – that's useful charging time.

    Want to know more?
    If you have questions about electric driving abroad, home charging, electricity costs, or other questions, please read our blog (only in Dutch).


    As a driver, you can expect a lot of us. In fact, we expect nothing less from you! So please tell us immediately if you’re less satisfied with something. We appreciate your taking the trouble. We'd like to tell you what actions we’ve taken over the past year based on your feedback.

    You must be able to count on our service partners
    We assume our service partners fulfil the agreements they make with you. This means they collect vehicles at the agreed time, return the vehicle clean after maintenance, and provide a fantastic service when you get a new vehicle. However, specific complaints from drivers have suggested this hasn't always happened. We've since helped our partners resolve underlying problems and reduce the number of disappointing experiences reported.

    You must be able to count on us
    We've also received complaints about our own services. Several drivers have said they had not been called back, even though we had promised. This should not happen, of course. We immediately looked into these complaints and found that our sales staff had too many tasks and didn't always manage to call drivers back. We've since transferred tasks from sales to other colleagues and hired additional sales staff.

    We count on you!
    As you can see, we cannot do without you. You’re the one who calls or emails us with questions, collects new vehicles from a dealer, buys an ex-lease vehicle, or takes the vehicle to a damage repairer. These should be pleasant experiences. If not, we'd like to hear from you so we can solve any problems.



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