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Acceptance process Arval leasing

We are glad that you have chosen us!

Before we can send you the order form, together with all the other necessary documents, we need a few more documents from your side. As a full subsidiary of BNP Paribas we need to carry out the KYC process. KYC (Know Your Customer) is a process, which tries to prevent certain activities like money laundering and financing of terrorism. Please be so kind to check/answer the questions below and send them back to us via this form. We also kindly like to ask you to upload your financial documents, in order to start the acceptance process. Thank you in advance. 

You can easily upload your files via this webform. Your files will be send via a secure connection. We will only use these documents internally. You can upload up to 10MB. 

Your company

Do you get your revenue from material or financial assets in a sanctioned country? (Syria, Cuba, Iran, Sudan, North Korea, Crimea or Sebastopol)

Authorized representative:

An authorized representative may issue a signed statement on behalf of the organization or enter into a contract with full authority. Who is authorized to sign is determined by the legal form of the organization and who has obtained permission to do so within the organization. Is your organization registered with the Chamber of Commerce? Then the authorized signatory will also be registered there. You can find this on an extract from the Chamber of Commerce.

In case of joint jurisdiction signs:

Please note: If your company is not registered with the Chamber of Commerce as a sole proprietorship or has several employees, it must be signed by 2 different persons. Is this second person not registered with the Chamber of Commerce? Then upload a document that shows that this person is authorized to sign.
Is this person registered with the Chamber of Commerce as an authorized signatory?

Slechts één bestand.
32 MB limiet.
Toegestane bestandsformaten: pdf, doc, docx, odt, ppt, pptx, xls, xlsx.

Delegated management / board of directors (mandatory to fill in and can be equal to authorized representative):

A deputy executive / board of directors includes the chairman of the board or supervisory board *, corporate officers such as the CEO / general manager *, the CFO / finance director *, and possibly other individuals who have a prominent influence on the decisions of the customer - e.g. the COO / Operations Director * or other executives.

* Or similar positions
Equivalent to authorized representative?

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