Connected Car

Arval Connected Car

An Arval Connected Car is a vehicle that is fitted with a hardware box that collects data on the performance and use of the vehicle. This data is collected by Arval so that we can analyse and improve our services.

  • How is data collected?

    The hardware box that makes your vehicle an Arval Connected Car is fitted with:

    • a G-Force meter that collects data on the performance and use of the vehicle
    • a GPS tracker that provides insight into the total kilometres driven. This information is calculated using the initial odometer reading and the kilometres travelled. No location data is collected for this purpose
    • a SIM card for sending data.


    The collected data is sent to our data centre via a secure connection and stored as pseudonymised data (with the exception of the odometer reading).

  • Odometer reading

    Arval Connected Car enables us to view the odometer readings of our vehicles on a weekly basis. The odometer reading is stored with the contract and is used to identify contract derogations which we can then point out to our clients. In addition, accurate odometer readings can help us proactively manage future maintenance.

  • Pseudonymised data

    Arval collects the following pseudonymised vehicle data:

    • time recording of vehicle start and stop and kilometres travelled
    • driving style based on scores (safety and fuel-efficient driving) that monitor the use of the vehicle (braking, lining up for corners, acceleration, and speed)
    • distribution of time and number of kilometres driven.


    We use this information to advise our clients on the use and/or reliability of specific vehicle brands and models, and on fuel selection and consumption. Our aim in doing so is to improve the safety and efficiency of our clients’ fleet.

  • Anti-theft measures

    If a theft is reported and we have your permission to access the location data, we will activate the GPS tracker of the hardware box. This enables us to locate the vehicle using the location data. Once the vehicle has been located or we have been informed that this is no longer necessary, we will deactivate the GPS tracker and will no longer be able to view the location data. An Arval Connected Car makes it possible to act quickly in the event of a theft to prevent worse from happening.

  • Sharing of collected data

    Arval does not share the collected data with third parties, except in the event of theft or if there is a legal obligation to do so. In this case, we will share the data with insurance companies and/or suppliers and/or government authorities.

  • Data protection

    Arval attaches great importance to protecting and properly processing the driver’s personal data and other data. For more information about how we process personal data in general, please refer to our data protection policy at