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Uitgelicht Spring 2018 Drivers

Handy app for your vehicle

The less time you spend on your vehicle, the more time you have for things that really matter. With our new My Arval Mobile app, you can arrange all your car business at one go. On your smartphone or tablet! We strive to continuously improve the app and regularly update it.

All information on your vehicle at hand

A big advantage of My Arval Mobile is that you always have quick access to all information about your lease vehicle and lease contract. Such as your vehicle papers, information about your fuel consumption, the end date of your contract, the status of your ordered vehicle, and so on.

Arranging something is easy

With the app, all your vehicle business is arranged in no time. Plan a service interval, report damage, adjust an odometer reading, or look for an Arval Service Partner: you can do it all in the app. And if you have questions or need support? You can contact Arval with one click of a button. By telephone, mail or chat – whatever suits you best.

You can continue to use My Arval

My Arval Mobile has been specifically developed for smartphones and tablets. But My Arval will continue to exist. You can continue to use the familiar My Arval on your desktop.

More information

Curious about My Arval Mobile? Take a look at this video to get an impression of all the new possibilities. Or download the app now!

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Did you know that the quality of your tyres is vital for your safety? And that the condition of your tyres is also reflected in your fuel consumption? That’s why Arval only selects tyres from premium brands, such as Goodyear.

What can you do to get the most out of your tyres?

We give your vehicle top-class tyres. After that we count on you so that together we can get the best from your tyres. For example, it’s better not to park on the pavement because this damages your tyres.

And it’s essential that your tyres are hard enough. With tyres at the correct pressure, after all, you have better road holding and you use less fuel. So it’s safer, more environmentally friendly and more economical to drive on tyres pumped to the correct pressure. Did you know that your tyres slowly lose air? So adjust them to the correct pressure every two months. And remember your spare wheel!

Want to know more about your tyres and how to keep them in optimal condition? Then read our blog (only in Dutch). 

See the tyre dealer for summer tyres

Are you still driving on winter tyres? Then quickly plan an appointment for a tyre change at your tyre dealer, such as KwikFit, Euromaster or Profile. Your tyre dealer can also tell you whether your tyres should be replaced. For general questions about tyres, you can naturally always ask the Arval driverteam.

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In 2012 the maximum speed on Dutch motorways was increased to 130 kilometres per hour. But this is certainly not valid everywhere. In built-up areas and nature areas, the maximum speed is often much lower. Just one of the many exceptions. How can you immediately see how fast you may drive on a certain motorway?

Fixed signs

First of all, pay attention to the signs on the side of the road. They indicate how fast you may drive. The indication ‘6 - 19h’ means that you must heed the maximum speed on the sign during the day, but outside of that period you often may drive 130. Don’t see a sign as you enter the motorway? Then you may drive 130 kilometres per hour.

Matrix signal indicators and temporary signs

The matrix signal indicators above the road indicate how fast you may drive at that moment. Temporary signs, such as those used for roadworks, also take priority over the ‘normal’ signs. So immediately adjust your speed when you see such a matrix signal indicator or temporary sign.

Signs and lines at rush-hour lanes

On parts of the motorway with a rush-hour lane, you will sometimes see various speed signs. The speed then depends on whether the rush-hour lane is open. If it is indeed open, the lowest speed on the signs applies. You may ignore the continuous white line if the rush-hour lane is open. In that case you may switch lanes.

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Mark Maaskant from ProDrive is happy to tell you what to do if you become stranded in the left lane of the motorway, and how you can prepare yourself for such a situation.

Get out of the vehicle as quickly as possible

Immediately put your alarm lights on and stop your vehicle as close as possible to the guard rail. Do make sure that you keep sufficient space to be able to open the door. Then make sure that all passengers leave the vehicle at the side of the guard rail.

Wait behind the guard rail for the roadside assistance

Stand behind the guard rail with safety vests on as quickly as possible and call 112. Wait behind the guard rail until the roadside assistance has arrived. In most cases there are cameras above the road. As soon as they see an accident, an X is displayed above your driving lane and the situation immediately becomes safer.

Make sure you are well prepared

Naturally it’s best to avoid becoming stranded. So make sure you know the symbols on your dashboard and take immediate action as soon as an alarm light is illuminated. Remember: an orange symbol is a warning, but a red symbol means you must immediately stop. And make sure there are plenty of safety vests in the glove compartment, so you can easily retrieve them when you need them. And finally: always keep sufficient distance, even in traffic jams.

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The more people who choose electric, the better. That’s why Arval is promoting electric driving in 2018. By now many makes have introduced an electric vehicle and the number on offer is significantly greater than several years ago. In the meantime, Arval does all it can to make electric driving as easy and carefree as possible.

Good feeling

Arval’s position is that someone who opts for electric driving should only experience its advantages. An electric vehicle must be just as nice to use as a diesel or petrol vehicle. Yet it is quite a bit better for the environment, and that is a good feeling.

Everything arranged

Arval offers all the facilities for carefree enjoyment of an electric vehicle. For example, the installation of a charging station is included in the lease amount. And during a practical training, electric drivers can learn how to drive their own vehicle safely and efficiently. They can also temporarily trade in their electric vehicle for a petrol or diesel vehicle, for use during a holiday, for example.

Lower taxable amount

Electric driving remains financially attractive for the time being. Because the government wants to encourage electric driving, electric drivers pay a much lower taxable amount rate. Through 2020, all completely electric lease vehicles pay a taxable amount rate of 4%, while the standard rate of 22% applies to all other vehicles. And from this year, plug-in hybrids fall under the high category of 22%, because in practice they drove fewer electric kilometres than expected.

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It is so easy to break a window. And then you not only lose your belongings, but you must also deal with the damage and the hassle. Some thieves use a device to open wireless door locks. They don’t have to break in, so it takes very little effort for them to see if they can find something in your vehicle. So, leave nothing in your vehicle and also show that there is nothing to take from you.

Don’t leave valuables in your vehicle

It is always a bad idea to leave valuables in your vehicle, even if they can’t immediately be seen. Thieves are trained to estimate whether it is worth their trouble to take a gamble. Even a coat or bag can be interesting enough. Criminals also use all sorts of tools to see whether telephones, laptops or tablets have been left in the vehicle. Even if your devices are off, thieves receive a signal from them.

Show that there’s nothing to take

Have you covered up the view of the boot? Then maybe there is something valuable in it after all. A closed glove compartment can also attract attention. So show thieves that there is nothing to take from your vehicle: glove compartment open and full view of the empty boot.

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