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Arval Uitgelicht Herfst 2016 Berijders EN

Taxable amount simplified

This year there are four taxable amount rates: 25%, 21%, 15% and 4%. However, this will be reduced to two by 2017: 22% and 4%.

Only a discount for fully electric vehicles

There will be a standard rate of 22% as of 2017, which applies to all petrol and diesel vehicles as well as semi-electric vehicles, such as plug-in hybrids. This represents a reduction compared to the old ‘standard rate’ of 25%, but the benefit for fuel-efficient vehicles has disappeared. You will only pay the low taxable amount rate of 4% if you drive a fully electric vehicle.

Still benefit from the low taxable amount

Are you currently driving a vehicle that falls into the low rate of the old tax regime? Then you may lease this vehicle at this rate for up to 60 months. So renewing your contract can be beneficial if your current lease contract is shorter than 60 months. Discuss the possibilities with your account manager. Are you allowed to choose a new lease vehicle yourself? Arval still has vehicles in stock to which the economic rates apply. It may benefit you for up to five years.

High rate also remains applicable until the end of the contract

Are you leasing a vehicle with a taxable amount of 25%? Unfortunately you are stuck with the high rate until the end of your contract. A group of tax experts has initiated a test case against this. Obviously we will keep you informed of the outcome!

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Best deal: Arval dealer choice

Selecting a new lease vehicle takes time. After all, you should explore all the possibilities. And from which dealer will you order your new vehicle? Fortunately you no longer need to think about this. If you let Arval choose, you can be sure you are dealing with an excellent dealer.

Attractive price

Letting Arval choose the dealer has more advantages. Firstly you will benefit from the purchasing power of Arval. You can expect a competitive price, or even better: the best deal within your lease budget.

Insight into delivery times

Do you need a vehicle quickly? Then we will simply check whether we have a suitable vehicle in stock for you. We have insight into the stocks of all ‘our’ dealers. We also keep a close eye on the delivery times and contact you immediately if a delivery time changes.

Delivered at your door

It is also nice that you do not need to pick up the vehicle yourself, but only need to indicate where you would like to receive the vehicle. All delivery drivers followed a training course at Arval and we constantly monitor their level of customer focus.

In short: letting Arval choose the dealer is the best deal in every respect. Would you like to know more? Please contact your account manager immediately.

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Ready, steady, go!

Many drivers are not yet focused on driving during the first five minutes of the trip. It simply takes us a moment to concentrate well. Furthermore, we sometimes complicate matters unnecessarily by parking head first. And we allow all kinds of things to distract us.

Park in reverse

It often seems so easy: simply drive forward into the parking space. Nice and easy now, but a greater risk of damage when leaving. Because by parking head first, you create unnecessary problems at the start of your next trip. It is much easier to drive away when you are in reverse. Furthermore, it reduces the risk of hitting a pole or other obstacle, the most common cause of damage.

Don’t let anything distract you

Do you like screaming along with the music? Are you unable to ignore your smartphone when it beeps? Do you always ‘efficiently’ set the navigation system while driving? And do you secure the safety belt only after driving away? Then be aware that you are running the risk of causing an accident. With potentially serious consequences for you, but also for other road users. And that is the last thing you would want.

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Be well prepared for fog

Fog is one of the most dangerous weather conditions for traffic. People are often surprised by fog banks and drive into a ‘white wall’ at full speed. Dense fog is the cause of the biggest pile-ups in our history. Don’t get caught by surprise and be well prepared for fog.

Check in advance whether there is a risk of fog banks

Closely follow the weather forecasts in autumn. Are there any fog banks? Then be alert to fog. If you see traces of fog above ditches, chances are you will encounter fog.

Take immediate action if you see fog

Can you see a fog bank up ahead? Do the following:

  • immediately reduce speed and do not wait until you are in the fog
  • increase the distance to the vehicle in front of you
  • drive on the rightmost lane
  • do not overtake other vehicles
  • manually switch on your lights and, if necessary, your rear fog light

Check your lighting in advance

Lighting is essential in case of fog. So check your lights before you hit the road and whether you should turn your fog lights on manually in case of fog. Automatic lighting does not switch on in case of fog. You may only switch on your rear fog light if visibility is less than 50 metres.

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Follow Arval on social media

Can’t get enough of vehicles, just like us? Do you always want to be up to date on the latest vehicle news? Then follow Arval on social media!

Twitter, Facebook and YouTube

On Twitter and Facebook we share fun facts, tips, current events, the latest vehicle-related tax news and driving tests. On YouTube you can watch all kinds of videos, including on new vehicle releases. You will also find videos about the services of Arval.

Arval is also available via social media

Of course you can also reach us through Twitter and Facebook. Simply send a message via the medium of your choice and we will answer it! Of course we are also available to chat. From Monday through Thursday between 8.00 and 20.00 hours, and on Fridays from 8.00 to 17.15 hours we are available via live chat on ‘My Arval’.

‘Old school’ is also allowed

Would you rather contact us by phone or mail? Or do you prefer visiting us in person? Everything is possible, we will gladly adapt to your wishes. You can call us at 030 602 41 41 or send a mail to driverteam@arval.nl. Of course you can also send a postcard or a letter. Our address is PO Box 536, 3990 GH Houten, the Netherlands.

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