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Arval Uitgelicht Drivers - Spring 2016

Smart vehicles

Being connected is the norm today. For vehicles, that is not yet obvious. But more and more connected cars are being introduced. Soon ‘offline’ vehicles will be just as rare as phone booths.

The advantages of the connected car
Lost your vehicle in a parking garage? This won’t happen with a connected car, because an app will lead you to your vehicle. You also don’t need to maintain time-intensive trip registration, because the vehicle does that for you. Information about tyre pressure, motor performance, or the amount of water on the road surface? That’s all within easy reach.

Back to the future
We’re still at the beginning of the connected age, that is clear. Opening a vehicle with a fingerprint or iris scan, vehicles that produce and store energy, vehicle windows with augmented reality, all of that is in the near future. And it’s not out of the question for your grandchildren to barely believe you when you say that you once drove your car yourself.

Arval Active Link
Arval takes the future of connected cars seriously. That’s why we have developed Arval Active Link. At Arval, an automatic trip registration system and report of theft is already possible.

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Flashed in a foreign country?

It seems that many lease drivers think foreign fines don’t matter. In the last few years we’ve seen an increase in the number of foreign traffic violation fines. We’ve also seen that people often don’t pay them.

Foreign governments can also collect fines
Did you know that EU member states exchange vehicle registration data and are easily able to collect traffic violation fines from residents of other European countries? Drivers who think they can get away with a foreign fine end up paying dearly. That’s why from 1 January 2016 we handle foreign fines in a new way.

What remains the same?
You receive traffic violation fines via a link in ‘My Arval’. This remains the same, also for foreign fines. You can also still pay these via the normal procedure. Even better: if you pay your foreign fine on time, you notice nothing of the changed working manner.

What changes?
When a demand note of a foreign fine arrives, Arval will advance the payment. This way, we prevent unnecessarily high penalties. You pay the fine anyway, but no longer directly. We charge the fine amount to your employer, increased by EUR 10,00 administrative costs. Your employer can then deduct these costs from your salary.

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Call, chat, mail, cry, laugh and admire!

Do you have a question about your vehicle? Just call, chat, or mail our driverteam. The driverteam is available Mondays through Thursdays from 8.00 to 20.00 hours and on Fridays until 17.15 hours. Via 030 602 41 41, driverteam@arval.nl or the chat function on ‘My Arval’.

Chances are you will encounter Jolanda van Essen. She’s been working at Arval for more than five years and with the driverteam for almost two years, and talks about her work: ‘I answer questions about faulty fuel cards, fines or vehicle servicing. I also take care of people who have had an accident or are stranded with their vehicle.’

What reactions does she get from people about the driverteam service? ‘Most people are initially surprised that we are even available in the evening. They like having an Arval employee that helps them.’

Did you know that the driverteam...

  • answers an average of 5.800 phone calls per month and that the caller is helped immediately in 75% of the cases?
  • has an average of 500 chat conversations monthly and is able to answer the questions in 92% of the chats?
  • is also available via Twitter?
  • is primarily called about damages (30%) and servicing (27%)?

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Business view of Autosalon Genève

With car shows, you probably think of sports vehicles. And the Bugatti Chiron of EUR 2,4 million is naturally impressive with its 420 km/h and 1.500 hp. The rest pales in comparison. But the Autosalon of Genève is primarily the time for the regular vehicle brands to present their new releases. And the vehicle of the year is also announced.

Vehicle of the Year 2016
Opel can do no wrong because the Opel Astra has been named Vehicle of the Year 2016. Arval offers this vehicle at a super inexpensive rate for the first half of 2016. And Opel has big plans with the Astra Sports Tourer, the renewed Mokka and the entirely electric Ampera-e.

Various new SUVs were also launched this year. For example the Seat Ateca, cousin to the Volkswagen Tiguan, is coming to the Dutch market this spring. This autumn we may expect the Audi Q2. And Skoda will introduce the large 6-passenger VisionS in early 2017.

Among the mid-sized vehicles, most attention goes to the chic and sporty new Alfa Romeo Giulia. The Fiat Tipo may also interest you, especially the five-door model and the station wagon: ample space, fuel-efficient and competitively priced.

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Opel Astra
Don’t make it easy for criminals!

Thieves hunt for expensive vehicles and additional options. Especially Audi, BMW and Mercedes are popular. And laptops, bags and tablets left behind are fair game. A vehicle break-in or theft costs much time and money. So Arval tries to stay one step ahead of the criminals. You can also help.

We recover stolen vehicles quickly
Naturally, prevention is better than the cure, but a quick recovery is second best. Do you lease a vehicle from Arval that is theft-sensitive? Big chance that it has LoJack. This is a tracking system that allows us to track the vehicle throughout Europe. More than 80% of stolen vehicles with LoJack are quickly recovered!

Our navigation systems are rock-solid
Do you have a theft-sensitive navigation system in your lease vehicle? It has probably been installed with NaviRem. No thief to date has been successful in stealing a navigation system with NaviRem. The stainless steel construction is hidden in the dashboard. Thieves can see by the triangle stickers on the side windows that they don’t stand a chance.

What can you do?

  • park your vehicle in plain sight in a well-lit area
  • remove your belongings from your vehicle
  • show that there is nothing to be stolen.

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Stopping? Not on the hard shoulder!

Standing still on the motorway is never a good idea. Especially for you, we have compiled a list with Prodrive Training of tips to prevent a breakdown. We also tell you what to do if you nevertheless experience road problems.

Tip 1: Be prepared
Ideally, you don’t even want to have a breakdown and be forced to stop. Some tips:

  • make sure that your vehicle receives timely servicing
  • regularly replenish fluids
  • check your tyres, also the spare tyre and/or tyre repair set
  • check the tyre pressure, also for the spare tyre
  • know the symbols on your dashboard so you can act timely.

Tip 2: Stopping on the hard shoulder? Preferably not!
The hard shoulder is extremely dangerous. Try your best to reach a breakdown bay. You can continue driving with a flat tyre at low speed. So you never change a tyre on the hard shoulder.

Tip 3: Leave your vehicle on the hard shoulder
Must you nevertheless stop on the hard shoulder? Leave your vehicle immediately and stand behind the rail. This is even more important in bad weather. Make sure you always have a jacket and reflective safety vests in the vehicle.

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Popular models, attractive lease price

Twice yearly Arval selects popular vehicle models. We purchase these inexpensively. Profit now from the low lease prices!

Read the reviews (only in Dutch)

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