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Arval Uitgelicht Drivers Autumn 2017 EN

Watch for aquaplaning!

Aquaplaning occurs when tyre treads longer properly disperse water. Water accumulates between the tyres and the road, making the vehicle ‘float’. Your vehicle becomes uncontrollable and usually begins sliding.

When does aquaplaning usually occur?

Aquaplaning can happen when you are driving too fast and are:

  • driving in truck tracks
  • going from a ‘ZOAB’ (very open asphalt cement) road to regular asphalt
  • driving on a brick road with puddles.

Avoid slipping

You can, however, reduce your risk of aquaplaning. The best tip: reduce your speed in wet weather. We also advise you to properly inspect your tyres’ treads. The wider the tyres, the deeper the tread must be to maintain road grip. Finally, avoid driving behind trucks. The water in their tracks is too much for your vehicle to handle at once.

What if you do slip?

Immediately take your foot off the gas if you feel yourself losing grip on the road, and brake. This ensures your tyres can make contact with the road again. Do not shift and keep your steering wheel as straight as possible. Driving around a corner or avoiding something? Drive calmly and don’t look at obstacles to avoid but at where you want to go.

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Fossil fuels are declining and the climate is changing because of the greenhouse effect. Will driving still be possible in the future? Technical universities have been focusing on this question for years and working on energy-efficient concept cars running on alternative fuels. Arval offered 5.000 euro for the best idea.

How was the competition?

Three teams of technical students presented their idea during our future mobility inspiration meeting:

The teams then answered audience questions. Then the moment of truth: those present could vote by mobile phone for the most promising idea. The TU Eindhoven students received the most votes and won the prize money, which they will use to further develop their idea. One day, you may drive a car using their idea.

Why this competition?

We greatly value the fact that promising young technicians are willing to interrupt their studies and concentrate on concept car development for one year, mainly at their own expense. Arval thinks it is important these talented students actually get the chance to implement their ideas. So Arval is happy to contribute – this time by organising a competition with prize money.

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One moment you and your family are on your way to a Spanish campsite, the next moment you smell burning rubber! This happened to the Kuppen family in one of our lease vehicles. Mr Kuppen was able to collect the vehicle at the garage a week later, but then the air conditioning was also broken – in bloody hot Spain, no less! What now?

Arval employees pull out all the stops

‘Imagine it happening to you!’ It’s the story of the day. Our employee Maikel was tasked with helping the Kuppens. He knows his colleague Amber speaks Spanish and asks her to call the garage. Unfortunately, she learns the vehicle cannot be driven and cannot be repaired in time for the return trip. So Maikel immediately arranges a suitable relief vehicle, able to pull a caravan and large enough for the family.

All ends well

Once home safely, the family looks back on the holiday, and the breakdown and discomfort, with mixed feelings. To soften the pain somewhat, a brand new Renault Kadjar stands ready for Mr Kuppen while awaiting his new vehicle.

Meanwhile, the Kuppens have not been forgotten. Our employees try to speed up the delivery of the new lease vehicle. Eventually, colleague Mieneke works a miracle: the new Renault Grand Scénic is delivered more than three weeks earlier than expected. Arval treats the entire family to a dinner and the summer ends positively after all!

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With glass damage, you might not think of Euromaster or KwikFit but a glass specialist like Autotaalglas. Yet Euromaster and KwikFit are excellent glass repairers. With more than 300 subsidiaries, there is always one near you.

Glass damage? Call Arval

Always contact the Arval driverteam when your vehicle has damaged glass. Our driverteam will put you in touch with the closest glass specialist for quick repair or replacement. Glass specialists use the same windows as brand dealers, just without a brand logo.

The advantages of our glass specialists

Having your window repaired by Euromaster or KwikFit is advantageous for you:

  • unique no-risk window repair: if your window cracks while repairing the chip, the glass specialist will replace the windscreen at no extra cost
  • professional repair: specially trained window repair specialists with extensive experience know exactly how to best repair your window
  • replacement at your door: if you do not have time to visit a glass specialist, the specialist can repair your window at the location of your choice or collect your vehicle
  • convenient to combine with winter tyres: save time by having your window repaired and your tyres changed at the same time.

Consult ‘My Arval’ for our glass specialists.

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Arval aims to make vehicle fleets eco-friendly, so we encourage our clients to make their fleets more sustainable by selecting electric vehicles. After all, ‘green’ electricity is a promising alternative vehicle fuel.

Enough choice

Various makes – BMW, Hyundai, Nissan, Opel, Renault, Tesla and Volkswagen – already supply electric models. But those who want to drive electric currently have only a limited selection.

Fortunately, various new electric vehicles are being introduced next year. After 2018, almost all vehicle brands will have developed an entirely electric vehicle. And their operating range is increasing!

Is electric driving safe?

Electric vehicles are even safer than petrol, gas or diesel vehicles because the risk of fire and explosion is lower than with vehicles running on fossil fuels.

And the advantages?

Electric vehicles bring to mind ‘clean’ and ‘quiet’. But did you know that the road handling of electric vehicles is especially good because of the relative low centre of gravity? Another great advantage is that their taxable amount is only 4% and looks to remain so. And the charging station costs are better than expected. This is often already included in the monthly vehicle rental – at the end of the contract, the charging station belongs to you.

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Why would you want to have a car in the middle of a big city? Having your own vehicle is no longer an attractive proposition for most city dwellers. Cities are difficult to navigate with a vehicle and parking rates are going through the roof.

No vehicle at all is also no fun

Many destinations are easier, cheaper and faster to reach by bicycle or public transport. But most people can’t do without a vehicle entirely. In some situations, a vehicle is simply is the easiest mode of transportation.

Arval provides a neighbourhood fleet...

Soon, people who come to live or work in the Wonder Woods project near Utrecht station can still use a vehicle. They will find various fully-electric vehicles supplied by Arval: small, mid-size and sports vehicles, a van and even a motorcycle.

...and makes mobility flexible and easy

Perhaps Wonder Woods residents or employees have no vehicle but they do have optimal mobility. Arval makes this possible through Arval Mobility Link, an online platform which clearly itemises users’ mobility costs. They just select their ideal means of transport: tram, bus, metro, train, OV bicycle or shared car – it’s all possible. Arval takes care of the rest.

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